Hybrid Denture

A hybrid denture is a type of restoration that works over the implants; secured with screws to a bar that could be Metal/Peek/Zirconia, and cannot be removed without the help of a specialist dentist.

They are more natural looking and can replace a full arch from 10-12 teeth. It is a structure over to Four to six dental implants that are placed in your mouth to create a solid base to which it is attached.
At Smile Makers Group we recommend hybrid dentures as a way to get your Smile Back Again! They offer better support. While other dentures can become loose or dislodged during normal activities such as talking or eating.
These fixt dentures look and feel close to natural teeth. Unlike snap-ins, it does not cover the roof of the mouth, allowing you to fully enjoy eating and drinking. Messy creams and adhesives are not needed to secure hybrid dentures in place. Gum irritation is gone, as is denture slipping.
Materials Available: Full Zirconia, ZirPeek, Acrylic-Peek, Acrylic-Composite. We give you our professional recommendation of the material depending on your case.
Lets Make You Smile!
6-7 days process: 1st day uncover the implants, 2nd day impression, 3rd day wax bite, 4 day wax and teeth test, 5 day. lab work. 6 day installation of the arch. 7 day follow up visit and occlusal adjustment .

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