Digital Dentistry

With the ongoing advancement in technology, every aspect of our life is widely dependent on technology.
Smile Makers Group is following the trend, the dental industry is moving towards digital dentistry techniques. Improving the quality of care as well as the patient experiences.

Digital dentistry in simple terms, refers to the use of dental technologies and tools backed with digital and computer-controlled components.
Our team of dentists has the knowledge and abilities offers you:
CAD/CAM restorations: This includes computer-aided crown manufacturing to help with personalized design and fabrication .
Digital radiography: we are opting for both intraoral and extraoral digital radiography as it offers lower radiation along with reduced time and image enhancements for improved viewing on a screen tv
Shade matching: Unlike physical shade guide, computer matching techniques offer more precise and correct shade matching options.
Occlusion and TMJ analysis and diagnosis.
Intra-oral cameras: IOCs have a tiny camera that detects more details than a conventional X-ray can. It provides detailed 3-D pictures that are much easier to interpret in terms of analysis.
Computerized case presentations.
Imaging for implant placement or Smile Design.
Digital impressions with a full mouth Scan, easy quick and precise
Digitally based surgical guides to plan the position of one or full arch implants treatments

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