Bone regeneration

There are different types of bone regeneration and techniques at smile makers group we use most commonly artificial bone (XENO graft) The procedure is considered safe and effective is done under local anesthesia and is completed in one session depending on the patient's case. The recovery time is also generally short and relatively fast.

After the procedure, you will need to follow the instructions of our specialist closely and take prescribed medications. Most patients experience little or no pain at all.

Bone regeneration can also help patients who don't qualify for dental implants at first. The loss of the jawbone can result in tooth deterioration, and patients who don't qualify for this procedure will benefit from this therapy.

Dental bone regeneration is an excellent way to restore your smile. If you have lost a tooth or all of them. It is vital to have sufficient bone around. As long as you have enough time for the recovery process you can quickly get a dental implant.

Our Periodontics Carlos Marqez is certified on guided bone regeneration vertical and horizontal augmentation including Tent-Pole Grafting technique, Sausage technique, Khoury technique.

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